Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I can has sleazeburger?

As the slogan says, you can have it your way at Burger King. Unless, that is, your way happens to be bathing in one of their kitchen sinks:
Burger King Corp. said Tuesday it had parted ways with an employee who was recorded taking a soapy bath in a utility sink in one of its restaurants in a video that ended up on his MySpace page.

The nearly four-minute video, which was posted online Thursday, shows the man taking the bath to celebrate his birthday. In the video, shot by another worker, the employee refers to himself only as "Mr. Unstable" and appears to be naked.

Timothy Tackett, 25, told WDTN-TV in Dayton that he is the sink-bather and that he made the video for his MySpace page. The video had been removed by Tuesday night.

Tackett said he regretted taking the bath because it led to the firing of the employee who did the recording, as well as the restaurant's shift manager.
That's what he regrets? Because if I were him, I might regret being the kind of jackass who endangers the health of countless restaurant customers for a stupid MySpace video. But, hey, that's just me.

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