Monday, August 04, 2008

What is the nature of your emergency?

Nobody likes it when a restaurant screws up their order, but most people have more sense than to get the police involved when it happens:
One man thought his sandwich was an emergency and called 911 twice.

"It's unbelievable what people get upset about now days," says Tammy Morris, a Subway manager.

Who knew a Subway sandwich could cook up so much trouble? "When you ask for 'the works' it consists of certain vegetables on your sandwich, it does not include mayonnaise or mustard," Morris says.

Police say that made Reginald Peterson pretty mad, mad enough to call 911 twice about his Spicy Italian Sub. It happened at the Subway on Atlantic Blvd. Thursday night.

"He tasted his sandwich and it didn't have mayonnaise or mustard on it, so he became upset," Morris says.
According to another account of the incident, Peterson made the second 911 call to complain that officers weren't arriving on the scene fast enough for his liking. Which is somewhat ironic, seeing as how they arrested his dumb ass when they finally showed up.

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