Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Smuggler's clues

I don't know a lot about smuggling drugs, but I'm fairly certain that the main principle you're supposed to follow is that the stuff is supposed to be hidden in something that's not suspicious:
Italian customs police have arrested five people in separate drug busts, including two Brazilians who tried smuggling in cocaine hidden between packaged meat slices. Police at Rome's Leonardo da Vinci airport said Tuesday they seized 33 pounds of the drug last week.

Police Lt. Giuseppe di Stasio said officers became suspicious when they found packages of red meat in the luggage of the Brazilian man and woman. Inspection showed small packets of cocaine had been hidden between the meat slices.
Yeah, see, most people don't pack meat in their luggage. They probably should have hidden it in something a little less obvious, like, say, behind the canvasses of several priceless paintings.

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