Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You try to be nice...

And look where it gets you:
Madison police said a panhandler accepted $1 from a good Samaritan, then grabbed the rest of the donor's cash and punched him in the face. Police said the panhandler approached a 50-year-old man Monday evening and asked for 40 cents. Authorities said the man pulled out $14 and handed $1 to the man. The man allegedly grabbed the entire wad of cash and walked away.

The donor followed him and demanded his money back. Police said the panhandler responded by punching him.
This is why, number one, you don't give money to panhandlers. Number two, you don't show them all of the money you've got, even if you're giving them sixty whole cents more than they're asking for.

Besides, you know they'll just invest it in risky mortgage derivatives. Oh, wait...that's Congress.

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