Monday, August 31, 2009

The sweet smell of science fiction

What smells like Cheetos, Mountain Dew, an aversion to sunlight, and the realization that you will likely never know the sweet , wonderful touch of a woman? Well, this, probably:
An online company's line of "Star Trek" inspired fragrances was met with mixed reactions at the Fan Expo Canada convention in Toronto.

Genki Wear, an online fan merchandise company, is selling three new fragrances in the wake of this year's successful "Star Trek" film: Pon Farr, named for the mating ritual of the Vulcan species; Tiberius, named after Captain James Tiberius Kirk; and Red Shirt, a reference to the expendable extras commonly killed on away missions.
Yeah, I'm gonna guess that the latter isn't going to be all that popular. FAIL mixed with even more FAIL is probably a bit much even for Trekkies.

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