Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The solution is obvious

If the squirrels are eating all of your Chrimmas lights but the red ones, why not just string up a bunch of red lights?
Gray squirrels gobbling up outdoor LED Christmas lights are confounding officials in the eastern Canadian city of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Bruce McCormack, general manager of a business improvement group told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. this is the fourth year the rodents are feasting on the lights, although he says they're particular.

"They'll come out … and they go up and they perch themselves in that tree and they gnaw away at the lights -- but not the red ones," he said. "The squirrels, I think, are getting the better of us."
When the squirrels are getting the better of you, it's probably time to sit down and think seriously about where things went wrong. I mean, if the apes outsmart you, that's one thing, but squirrels?

Oh, wait. These are Canadians we're talking about...

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