Thursday, December 10, 2009

Whatever happened to stamps and coins?

People collect all kinds of things, but this is something I've never heard of:
A man who said he spent two decades collecting Ecstasy pills of all colors and shapes as a hobby has turned to police for help after they were stolen — because he said some of them are poisonous.

Police say the 46-year-old man, who was not identified, decided to report the theft despite the illegal nature of the collection because he was worried about the possible consequences if anybody were to swallow one of the poisoned pills.

It was not immediately clear why about 40 red-and-white pills out of the 2,400-pill-strong collection would be poisoned, but the police said they fear the drugs could be lethal if swallowed.
See, if he had a coin collection that was stolen, lethality wouldn't be a problem. Unless some of them had razor-sharp edges. Or if his collection included one of these. That could tip over and crush someone.

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