Thursday, February 04, 2010

Garfunkel never has this problem

You know, because, well, I don't really have to spell it out, do I?
New York police said they arrested a man who allegedly tried to withdraw money from Paul Simon's bank account
by impersonating the musician.

Police sources said Rafael Ramos, 54, attempted to withdraw $4,300 from Simon's account at a Citibank branch Wednesday using the recording artist's name, bank account number and Social Security number, the New York Post reported Thursday.

However, the bank teller was familiar with Simon's work and recognized that the 6-foot-1 Ramos was 10 inches taller and years younger than Simon.
Um, I don't know much about identity theft, but I'm pretty sure that when you're trying to steal money from a famous person who you look nothing whatsoever like, you probably want to do it over the phone or online, not in person.

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