Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I hate modern life

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One of Shakespeare's most famous plays gets a 21st century makeover in a new version of "Romeo and Juliet" which will unfold through Twitter messages and on the YouTube video website.

Entitled "Such Tweet Sorrow," the experiment is a collaboration between the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) and Mudlark, which produces entertainment on mobile telephones.


Each character writes their own tweets, guided by an existing storyline and diary which outlines where they are at any moment in the adventure.

And so two families named after the original adversaries the Montagues and Capulets have loathed each other for years after a fatal car crash in an unnamed English market town in 2000.

Juliet, played by actress Charlotte Wakefield, is just turning 16 and wonders whether she should have a birthday party to celebrate. She posts a video on YouTube showing viewers a typical teenager's bedroom.

Her Twitter name is @julietcap16 while Romeo's entry into the messaging world comes later as "he is too busy on his Xbox."
Far be it from me to tell the Royal Shakespeare Company how to do their business, but this is just fucking dumb. I mean, it's one thing to stage a production of Shakespeare's work in a contemporary setting while using the original text, but it's something else to essentially dig up The Bard's corpse and rape it as a stupid publicity stunt. And I don't even particularly like the play.

Also, get off my lawn!

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