Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Department of Lame Excuses

Back in the 90s, it was really popular for celebrities wear some sort of colored ribbon pinned to their clothes when they went to award ceremonies to show that they really cared about a particular cause, like red ribbons for AIDS. I think they still do it, but it's not as big of a deal these days.

This is, well, something that's a little bit different:
Border agents said a New York man who's on probation and not supposed to leave the country explained away the ankle monitor he was wearing while returning from Canada as a show of support for actress Lindsay Lohan. Customs and Border Protection officers found the bracelet around 29-year-old Eugene Todie's ankle July 9 after he allegedly tried to re-enter the country using someone else's passport.
There's no word in the article about whether or not the passport he used was Lohan's, though that would probably make just as much sense.

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