Thursday, November 11, 2010


On the one hand, this deli sounds like it's in a bad neighborhood. On the other, they must make the best damn sammich in the world:
Connecticut police said a man who heard gunshots while exiting a deli went home and ate his sandwich before seeking treatment for shots to the groin and thigh.

Investigators said Miguel Soto III, 25, heard three gunshots when he left the deli Tuesday afternoon in New Haven and continued home to enjoy his lunch, WVIT-TV, Hartford, Conn., reported Thursday.

Police said Soto asked his father to take him to Yale-New Haven Hospital after he had finished his sandwich.
You know, I've never experienced being shot (knocks on wood) but I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't even make it home to put my lunch in the fridge before calling 911, much less having the appetite to finish eating before asking someone to take me to the hospital.

The man took a bullet to the groin, fer chrissakes. I guess he needed his strength.

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