Thursday, January 27, 2011

Liar liar, piano on fire

It turns out that the douchey independent filmmaker I mentioned in the piano story from yesterday wasn't just full of himself, he was full of shit:
It was a musical mystery in Florida - a piano sitting on a sandbar out in the ocean. Now, the people who put it there have come forward.

Two Miami teenagers say it was all for the sake of art, and they have the pictures to prove their story.

Nicholas Harrington and his friend Julian Kolevris-Roots got the baby grand from a relative, and they used sparklers to set the instrument on fire as a photography subject.

After the fire, the teens used a 22-foot boat to bring the piano out to the sandbar. They were hoping to create a mystery in Biscayne Bay.

It worked until another man came forward and said he put the piano there. An independent filmmaker said he was trying to portray the death of art. That convinced the teens to tell their story.
As the actual "artist" said, "that's just not right."

Although, I'm sure that Billy Yeager, the guy who tried to take credit, will try to claim that his lie about putting the piano out there was in and of itself some kind of performance art about "conceptions of truth in the digital age" or "the way society determines artistic authorship" or some kind of similar bullshit.

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