Monday, January 24, 2011

Moonlight and bullshit

Some pointy-headed professor from Idaho State has come up with a bunch of crap to rationalize a bunch of creepy Goth behavior:
Williams says self-identified vampires seek significant others with an abundance of energy willing to allow them to suck blood from a small incision made high up on the chest by a scalpel.

"Quite often, they are in a relationship with a donor, where one person has energy blockages and the partner has excess energy; it's a perfect, symbiotic relationship," he said.
Well, that all sounds perfectly scientific. Words like "symbiotic" were used, you know. I mean, Williams is a professor of sociology, after all.
He is pioneering the study of such alternative lifestyles. It took years for the scholar in forensic social work, criminal justice and leisure sciences to gain the trust of self-identifying vampires, whom he says are widely misunderstood.
Seeing as how just about everyone else in western society frowns on drinking the blood of other people, well...
"The negative discourse out there about blood and the transmission of infectious diseases just drives them underground," said Williams, who advises vampire acquaintances to abide by safe blood-drinking practices like having donors tested for HIV and other ailments transmitted by blood."
Also, you know, you might want to advise people that the Red Cross could use their blood in a more constructive fashion. A transfusion could save someone's life. Which is something that a college professor might want to point out.

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