Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Now, why didn't I ever think of that?

Whenever I'm stopped by airport security for transporting human remains in my luggage, I usually just freeze up, sweat, and stammer a lot. This guy, on the other hand, at least had an excuse:
A Cypriot monk caught at a Greek airport with the skeletal remains of a nun in his baggage on the weekend told authorities he was taking the relics of a saint back to his monastery.

The 56-year-old Cypriot was detained at Athens airport on Sunday after security staff discovered a skull wrapped in cloth and skeletal remains in a sheet inside his baggage.
Now, the nun in question hasn't been recognized as a saint by any church, and the Archbishop of Cyprus seems to think it's some kind of scam meant to get donations from the faithful, but rest assured that the monk in question has been punished:
The monk was freed after being charged with theft and desecrating the dead, a misdemeanor in Greece. He was also suspended from his monastic duties for three months for going away without leave, Cypriot police said.
I'm not exactly an expert on monastic life, but from what I've read over the years, you live in a cell, spend the time that you're not silently meditating by toiling in the fields, and you get relatively meager food.

Hm. Now that I think of it, sending him to jail wouldn't have made much of a difference.

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