Monday, April 11, 2011

Evil genius tripped up by telltale clue

If you watch shows like CSI, sometimes a criminal is tripped up by a fiber that they left behind at a crime scene, but it's much easier for the cops when they leave behind this many fibers:
Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said two men broke into a home March 29 while a man and a woman were home and stole a wallet and jewelry from the residence, The Charlotte Observer reported Monday.

The man struggled with the robbers as they fled the home and a T-shirt fell from their vehicle before they sped away. The man told investigators the man pictured on the T-shirt was one of the suspects.
It certainly doesn't help if you're leaving a crime scene and you leave it behind, but unless you're in a famous band that's on tour, there's really no good excuse for you to be driving around with T-shirts which bear your likeness.

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