Monday, April 18, 2011

The forbidden dance

The internets have been a great resource for finding information about a broad array of topics, including whether or not some people are lying, cheating bastards:
A New York City woman who was getting $850 a month in alimony because she was supposedly disabled and unable to work had her payments slashed after her ex-husband spotted online photos of her belly dancing.

Brian McGurk went to court after discovering a blog that showed his 43-year-old ex-wife dancing at a gallery.

In other Internet postings, she wrote about dancing vigorously for several hours every day.

Dorothy McGurk told the court that the dancing was physical therapy for injuries she suffered in a car accident in the mid-1990s.
The judge didn't go for that, so he cut her payments to $400 per month and slapped her with a couple of other financial penalties. What I don't get is why she's not spending any time in jail for fraud.

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