Thursday, April 07, 2011

Right to knife

I could make some kind of joke about one-armed 1950s juvenile delinquents here, but instead, I'll go ahead and wonder how this law got introduced in the first place:
Maine lawmakers on Wednesday approved legalizing switchblades for people with one arm, moving close to becoming the first state to make such an exception to laws that ban use of the spring-action knives.

Backers of the measure say legalizing switchblades would eliminate a need for one-armed people to be forced to open folding knives with their teeth in emergencies.

The bill to allow amputees and other one-armed people to carry the quick-opening knives cleared Maine's Senate on Wednesday after passing the House on Tuesday, Senate officials said.
Don't get me wrong, this actually sounds somewhat sensible, but was there some kind of clamor from the one-armed community to allow them to use switchblades? And are there a lot of people up there who are missing an arm for some reason?

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