Monday, July 11, 2011

[Redacted], Justice, and the American Way

I know a few lawyers and they (mostly) aren't the scummy, amoral types of people portrayed in the movies and teevee, but this kind of thing isn't helping:
A lawyer says he has a bone to pick about the validity of signs posted above judges' benches in Miami-Dade county courtrooms proclaiming truth is a goal.

A lawyer in a triple murder case wants the longstanding sign that reads "We who labor here seek only the truth" to be taken down, contending jurors are not always privy to the whole truth during trials, The Miami Herald reported Saturday.
Now, this guy is trying to make the point that some evidence that may be truthful is excluded from trial, but instead of arguing that truth shouldn't be mentioned in the courtroom, shouldn't you argue instead that more truth should be presented?

Seems like the less weasel-like way to go, but then again, I'm not some kind of scummy, amoral lawyer or anything.

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