Monday, August 22, 2011

Kids are stupid

Okay, I feel kind of bad about making fun of a thirsty child, but...
An 8-year-old boy desperate for a drink tried to get into a neighbor's home by sliding down the chimney, but got stuck for more than four hours, authorities said.

West Valley City police Sgt. Robert Hamilton said the thirsty boy climbed a tree to get onto the home's roof, then slid down the chimney feet first on Friday. The boy made it 30 feet down the chimney before he became wedged between the basement and main floor.
Come on, kid! You could use far less ingenuity to stack stuff up to get at the cookie jar. Have you never noticed that water comes out of a thing that's on the exact same level?

On the other hand, we don't know whether or not this kid has any mental problems (the article doesn't say so). Whether or not he does, people really shouldn't be leaving eight-year-old kids at home alone. The results are sometimes hilarious in the movies but are more often tragic in real life.

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