Sunday, February 24, 2013

"It's so crazy that it just might work!"

I have a sneaking suspicion that somebody uttered that phrase right around the time that this plan was hatched:
Declaring war against invasive brown tree snakes infesting the Pacific U.S. territory of Guam, wildlife officials plan this spring to bomb the island with dead baby mice stuffed with a common pain-killing medicine that is poisonous to the reptiles.
The dead "infant" mice (and if PETA wasn't already upset about the idea of killing the snakes, those ought to get their shorts in a twist) are going to be stuffed with acetaminophen, which is good for headaches but bad for snakes.

Oh, and the plan gets a little more harebrained, too...
In an attempt to keep the baited mice off the ground, each tiny rodent will be attached to a strand of ribbon between pieces of cardboard designed to drop in a loop and catch in the canopy of trees, he said.
Awwww...the idea of tiny mouse parachutes sounds kind of cute, huh? Until you remember that we're basically talking about festooning an island with baby rodent carcasses that will be eaten by snakes, that is.

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