Tuesday, August 05, 2008


I'm not the kind of person who's averse to trying new foods, but I might think twice before trying anything recommended by this guy:
The chef and TV presenter [Antony Worrall Thompson] said in a magazine article that the weed henbane, also known as stinking nightshade, made an excellent addition to summertime meals.

There was plenty of it, it grew locally and was used by the ancient Greeks and the Arabs for its anesthetic properties.

Er, not quite.
Yeah, it turns out henbane is toxic and causes vomiting, convulsions, hallucinations, and in "extreme cases," death. That doesn't sound like something I want in my salad. I prefer iceberg lettuce or romaine, actually.
Worrall Thompson, who was discussing his passion for organic foods, had confused the plant with another of a similar name.


The chef had intended to refer to fat hen, a weed rich in vitamin C, that is edible, media reports said.
Aside from being rich in vitamin C, it also apparently has the added benefits of not making you puke, convulse, freak out and see weird shit, or, you know, die. Other than that, same difference.

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