Monday, January 11, 2010

He was found wearing a tattered pair of Bad Idea Jeans

See, this is pretty much why the words "pet" and "tiger" aren't generally used in the same sentence:
A Canadian man who kept exotic cats behind his farmhouse was mauled to death by his 650-pound pet tiger, police said on Monday.

Norman Buwalda, a 66-year-old collector of wild animals, was found dead in the tiger's pen on Sunday afternoon at the property in western Ontario,

"The owner of some exotic animals went out to feed the tiger which was in a cage or large pen and the animal attacked him and killed him," said Troy Carlson, a constable for the Ontario Provincial Police who attended to the incident.

He said Buwalda's family and officials of nearby Southwold township would decide what to do with the tiger.
I'm guessing that hitting it on the snout with a rolled-up newspaper and yelling "BAD TIGER!" isn't an option. At least I hope not.

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