Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Might I suggest a troll sanctuary?

This is an idea so asinine that it could only have come from the highly-educated idiots at my Alma Mater:
The architects behind a graduate school project to conceive uses for the eastern half of San Francisco's Bay Bridge say the idea driving the project is valid.

Frederic Schwartz, a New York architect who served as the Joseph Esherick visiting professor in architecture at the University of California Berkeley campus' College of Environmental Design, said the semester-long graduate project was based in the idea that the bridge should be converted to a useful structure rather than demolished after its scheduled replacement in 2013, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Tuesday.

"There's no reason it can't be transformed into something wondrous, a fusion of nature and the machine," Schwartz said.

The projects developed by the students include a working farm, a hotel and a park sitting atop housing units.
Yeah, those projects all sound great, but...

A) An expert for the California Department of Transportation goes on to note that the bridge is seismically obsolete, which doesn't make it the kind of place where I'd like to hold a picnic, much less vacation, much much much less where I'd like to live, considering that a huge earthquake could send me and all of my stuff tumbling into the San Francisco Bay.


B) The same expert goes on to note that the level of money that the state would have to spend on maintenance for a project like that would be "enormous," and we're...um...kinda, well...FUCKING BROKE!

You geniuses might want to put your minds to ways in which the state can sell the fucker for scrap or recycle it for new highway projects, instead of sitting around and doing circle-jerk brainstorming sessions like this.

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