Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ah, wedded bliss

When people say that "the honeymoon is over," they're not usually referring to the first few hours after the wedding:
A marriage got off to a rocky start...
I'm gonna stop right there and say that the previous sentence fragment is likely the understatement of the month:
...after the 21-year-old groom from northern Idaho was arrested twice on his wedding night and charged with assaulting his new wife in nearby eastern Washington. Court records show Nathan Lewis of Lewiston, Idaho, was charged Tuesday in Asotin County Superior Court with second-degree assault and interfering with a report of domestic violence.
Oh, and it gets better. Well, not exactly better. Well, actually, much worse:
Police say that after Lewis was released on bail, he assaulted his new wife at a home in nearby Clarkston, Wash. The bride told authorities she was slapped and choked during the altercation, the Lewiston Tribune reports.
A discount coupon for a divorce lawyer isn't a traditional wedding gift, but I think it would actually be appropriate here.

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