Monday, July 19, 2010

What the hell, people?

Well, this isn't at all insane or anything:
Filipino teenage singer Charice Pempengco says she prepared for her debut on the hit TV show "Glee" by getting Botox and an anti-aging procedure "to look fresh on camera."

Okay, I looked like a sack full of buttholes when I was eighteen (and I haven't improved much since then) but...

...Jesus, how crazy do you have to be to think that a face like that needs botox?
"All people will be anticipating how will Charice look? Is she good enough to pit against Rachel Berry? So of course there is tremendous pressure," Charice said. Berry is portrayed by Lea Michele, who is 23.
Okay, so she refers to herself in the third person and is already pitting herself against one of her fellow actresses.

Yeah, that's kind of crazy right there.

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