Thursday, August 11, 2011

Well, duh

Alternate headline: Everyone More or Less Pleased About Seeing Naked Lady:
The Woodward County, Okla., sheriff said he isn't investigating the case of a naked woman at a golf course since no one has made a formal complaint.

The incident occurred last month at the Elks Lodge No. 1355 golf tournament fundraiser for its annual rodeo at the Boiling Springs Golf Course in Woodward, Okla., The Oklahoman reported. A woman stripped down during a putting challenge, though she was not asked to do so, the report said.

"We haven't had anybody come in and make a report," Woodward County Sheriff Gary Stanley said Wednesday. "Somebody would need to come in and make a report ... We don't have a victim."
I beg to differ, since there are no photos accompanying this story.

The firm that runs the golf course has been warned that it could lose its lease it anything else this awesome inappropriate happens again.
"We don't claim responsibility," said JCLA Vice President Chris Moya. "She didn't come from the parking lot onto the course naked. It's like predicting lighting."
I think this is inaccurate insofar as nude women showing up at putting challenges are most likely statistically somewhat rarer than lightning strikes.

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