Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fighting tires with tires

I would imagine the slogans these people were chanting might have been a tad confusing:
Dozens of Lebanese, exasperated by rampant tire-burning protests across the country, rolled out tires and stopped traffic in the capital Beirut on Thursday.
I'm imagining it went something like this...

"What do we want?"

"No more of this!"

When do we want it?"

"Um, as soon as we're done here?"

Now, instead of burning their tires, they "colorfully decorated" them, which is nice, but isn't really the sort of thing that creates a lasting impression.
Laughing as the group quickly dispersed, the police officer in charge said: "I won't give them a ticket. We're all sick of this problem. And their tires are pretty."
Jeez, if they're not careful, this could turn into a bake sale or a PTA meeting.

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