Thursday, June 14, 2012

There's (unfortunately) an app for that

Just twenty years ago, hardly anybody had cell phones and only important people like doctors and drug dealers even had pagers. Now, we're all connected by wireless networks to such a degree that the people of that simpler time would be amazed by all the pointless, stupid shit we casually waste this amazing technology on. Case in point:
Almost 300,000 people have paid $1 each for a portable device iPoo app to share their experiences on the toilet with others trying to empty their bowels.
As if that didn't sound awful enough, if you click on the link, the article shows a picture of this thing, complete with a map dotted with little cartoon turds and something called a "Poo Stream." Thankfully, that isn't shown or described in any detail.

And my friends wonder why I haven't bothered to upgrade to a "smart" phone yet...

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